Photo manipulation

Heard an old song and decided to just put do a manipulation based on how I feel about the song.

Client: Personal
Date: 2018
Softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

01. Background

In the mid of 2018, I had to grieve that I could not finish my masters in the minimum timeframe (Thankfully, I graduated within the maximum time frame).

During the difficult period, I heard Unwell from Matchbox Twenty. I remember listening to the song in the past and it brought back memories. The lyrics reflect my state of mind, and I create this photo manipulation.

02. Approach

I took time off from my research and put this song on a loop. I search for relevant images from Unsplash and combined them.

I remember I wanted the girl to touch the realistic wallpaper. While we can observe wallpaper as 2D, but the train passing by gives an illusion of reality. Perhaps, that was the train of unmet expectations, failed dreams, and changing relationships.

03. Challenges

I had to overcome my inner critic. I was wondering if I could do a photo manipulation since I did not touch Adobe Photoshop. I was also struggling to get certain lighting correct for this piece, but I decided I will just come up with the concept and complete it.

04. Final Thoughts

I penned these thoughts on Instagram:

Since I have ‘failed’ in life, I mustered my courage to open up about my struggles on ig a few months ago.

It was cathartic, and this piece helped me to process my emotions, which helped me to seek the help.