Acrylic on Canvas | 20 cm x 20 cm

Client: Personal
Date: 2020

01. Background

I always wanted to experiment with pouring art, but it can be very messy. I bought a few square canvases to experiment.

02. Approach

I watched some YouTube videos on pouring art. While pouring art is the easiest to execute, but adding too much colours can create muddiness in the painting. Therefore, I made sure I have my colour schemes ready. I used titanium white, magenta, process yellow and phtlato turquoise.

While, I kept it freeflow, but I also wanted the piece to tell a story. I also taught about the rough composition of the pouring art so that the upper parts of the canvas resembles clouds.

03. Challenges

I used a cheaper pouring medium instead of an artist-grade pouring medium. It was very gummy. Putting silicone oil did not create the cells at all.

I had to change my method to put more drips on the canvas to create the effects of flowers.

04. Final Thoughts

I noticed that I create this piece around January to February, which is close to spring. Moreover, I realised that the colours resemble the bright colours of flowers. Hence, I decided to call this pouring art “Spring” to reflect the colours and the timing of this artwork.