Perhaps CNY?

Collage on A3 paper | 29.7 cm x 42 cm | 2020

Client: Personal
Date: 2020

01. Background

My house was in a mess, and I wanted to clear the old catalogues from my house. I decided to use my old IKEA catalogues to create a collage instead.

I took a break from painting and decided to do a collage.

02. Approach

I started by choosing some of my favourite objects from IKEA catalogues. From the colours and the textures, I group them together. I also used some leftover papers which came from my packaging of the A5 paper.

Once the objects are chosen, I chose the colours and create a composition in a semi-random mode.

03. Challenges

I did this in A5 instead of A4, which means I struggled with a lot of empty spaces. To solve the issue of being too empty, I continued added more paper to fill up the areas.

04. Final Thoughts

After finishing this collage, I realised it looks good as a Chinese New Year piece. The problem with the traditional Chinese New Year decoration is most Chinese ethnic preper bold red with gold, which personally I felt it was dated.

These colours were in between spring and summer, and it is easier to the eyes.

Hence, this piece is called “Perhaps CNY”.