Music Player

Adobe XD Challenge September 2018

Client: Personal
Date: 2018
Softwares: Adobe XD

01. Prompt

Design & prototype a desktop app for a music player. Using this Adobe XD template; add colour and your favourite album content. Then prototype the user flow adding transitions.

02. Background

I participated in the Adobe XD Daily Challenge in September 2018.

Upon reading this prompt, I noticed most music apps are in grayscale with a splash of colour from their logos. However, I wanted to create a music player that only plays peaceful and relaxing music.

03. Design Solutions

I set the specific purpose of the music player, which is playing peaceful and relaxing music, I decided to create a music app using a pastel colour palette.

As for the UX, I used the existing music player wireframe provided as part of the challenge.

04. Challenges

Due to the time constraints, I could not improve on the wireframes given.