Local City Landing Page

Adobe XD Challenge September 2018

Client: Personal
Date: 2018

01. Prompt

Design & prototype a desktop app for a music player. Using this Adobe XD template; add colour and your favourite album content. Then prototype the user flow adding transitions.

02. Background

I participated in the Adobe XD Daily Challenge in September 2018.

Upon reading this prompt, I decided to just create a landing page for Batu Feringghi. As this was for practise, I searched stock imageries which might suit the entire theme of the landing page.

03. Design Solutions

Batu Feringghi is not a city, but for the sake of the challenge, I wonder what if a beach town became a city.

While the stock imageries are only used as an example, but I remember my few experiences when I went to Penang. I remembered the night markets, the Spice Garden, Street Art etc.

04. Challenges

As this is to promote the local city, I kept to a minimal theme to focus on the large imageries, and used purple and yellow as highlights and buttons for the site.