Journey with the radios

Photo manipulation

Client: Personal
Date: 2017
Softwares: Adobe Photoshop

01. Background

This piece is called “Journey with the radios” because I something that reflects my life as a designer and my love for music, especially the lyrics.

02. Approach

I took a literal approach to this. I imagined myself going on the journey, listening to different music. Along the way, I have encountered different radios from different eras to show the evolution of music together with the technologies.

Furthermore, I was inspired by Magdiel Lopez’s works of mixing vectors and photography. With this concept and influence in mind, I found relevant stock images to create the piece.

03. Challenges

There were hardly any challenges as I created this piece apart from making it look as what I imagined in my mind.

04. Final Thoughts

I was worried that the colours may not go well together, especially when I was mixing gradients and photography, but in the end, it came out alright.