Acryla Gouache on Paper | 20.9cm x 20.5cm | 2022

Client: Personal
Date: 2022

01. Background

I had negative thoughts as I thought that I was not a good enough artist. Moreover, I do not claim to be an artist, because I always felt that there are better artists around as I am not good at realistic-looking art.

I took a staycation early this March and consumed a great number of artworks from Google Arts and Culture. I realised that there are many types of artists. There are some that are good in detailed works, but there are also artists that only highlight forms minimally through broad paint strokes.

At some parts, I was thinking to myself, “Actually, I can do what they do.”

Therefore, I decided to paint a breakfast set as I really like leisurely breakfast times.

Other than that, I bought a new set of Holbein Acryla Gouache paints. I have accumulated a great amount of e-wallet points due to my chiropractic treatment. I use those points to get the paints at a more affordable price. After all, it is just a little reward for getting healthier this year.

02. Approach

The approach of this painting is very straightforward. I just sketch this from a reference breakfast picture from a stock image site.

03. Challenges

One of the challenge is that Rebecca Green x Holbein Acryla Gouache set did not have white. I had to mix with my white acrylic paint, which caused some parts of the painting to look more glossy than the Acryla Gouache paints. This different components caused the painting to look inconsistent due to the mix of glossy and matte.

Asides from this issue, there are no major challenge as this was a straightforward piece with no expectation to be perfect.

04. Final Thoughts

I do not regret buying Rebecca Green X Holbein Acryla Gouache as the colours are very vibrant. I also liked how this breakfast set turned out. It may not be realistic looking, but I liked how these colours from this set were easy to match, hence creating a different mood of a breakfast set.