Hi, my name is Lianne. It is pronounced as ‘Lai-Anne’, Dianne with an L.

I created this website to share my art and writings. Through this website, I want to share my art and writings to provide insights into who I am.

I began my career as a web designer. As more users started accessing the web through their mobile devices, I realized the importance of transitioning to UI/UX design to create more user-friendly and engaging digital experiences on different devices.

I pursued a Master’s degree in Visual Arts to understand different cultural contexts in visual arts. The learnings from my Master’s have given me a deep appreciation for the role of visual culture in human history, and how it has evolved, especially in Malaysia.

Although I previously worked in UI/UX, I am taking a break to explore new opportunities and gain fresh perspectives. As a former UI/UX designer, I learnt the values of user-centred design and attention to detail. These values taught me to consider the needs of my audience. Meanwhile, art history taught me to question assumptions about cultures through art analysis. The skill of questioning assumptions helps me to understand the nuances of people, hence understanding my target audience better.

By sharing my experiments and explorations, I hope to spark new ideas and conversations and provide insight into my creative process. I am looking for ways to learn and grow, and I believe that the best way to do that is by embracing new experiences and ideas.


Photo by  Marissa Grootes on Unsplash