Photo by Nicholas Ng on Unsplash

Today, I learn that I should utilise options

Photo by Nicholas Ng on Unsplash

Photo by Nicholas Ng on Unsplash

We have many options of drinks to choose from, just like the vending machine

Are all the options appealing? Yes.

Are they confusing? Yes, because I need to know how I feel before buying them. For example, do I feel cold, hot, tired etc.?

There are many options to choose from in modern living. If anyone dislikes a particular service provider, they will change to a different provider. Some businesses let the clients and customers go if things do not work out — as maintaining a healthy relationship is more important than earning lots of money. I am saying the above statement simplistically, as some things that we choose and signed up for can be legally binding, which is a story for another day.

As I typed this, I am processing my thoughts. Sometimes, I feel that I have no choices despite being presented with many options. Perhaps, it is the sunk cost that comes with paying for a service or I just feel bad for saying no. It could also possibly mean that I rather get stuck in the ‘known comfortable mess’ despite better options being available.

Sometimes fewer options feel better because there is less to think about. My mind does not go on an overdrive comparing the better packages, pricing and user experiences. When we do not have choices, we make do with what we have. And yet, we seek something better. When something better arrives, we rather be stuck with certain disappointing options we have faced in the past. After all, the past feels familiar and embarking on something new is taking is an unknown and risky. If we have done enough due diligence and research, we can actually choose the newer beneficial options.

Just like the vending machine, sometimes I am happy there are choices to buy drinks based on my feelings. However, these choices can overwhelm me, and when that happens, I rather stick to water instead. Water is still the best after all.