Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Day 1 of Aunties series – Planning of new art series

I decided to document the process of my work here, no matter how small and significant the process.

At first, I did not want to document it on the blog. After all, this will go on my portfolio page, where anyone can see the background, approach, and challenges of creating these artworks. However, I realised this is my first time doing a mini-series, and there are many ways to go around it. Do I go fully on the process and technicalities? Do I go based on my emotions on these pieces? As these are questions to be answered, I should just post them up here for documentation’s sake. Also, posting a regular process as documentation has its benefits. With regular postings, I do not have to wait until the artworks are done to remember all the steps.

Here is what I have done so far:

1. Processing the recent events

There were two events that made me cry this week. At this point, I will not share much about the events and will share once I am more comfortable with them.

2. Choosing pictures for this series

At this point, I do not want to use complex symbolism for my mini-series. I just wanted to do something for the remembrance of the memories.

Here is a selection of photos that I chose for reference:

From L-R: Photo from the family collection, the calendar photo Alexandr Podvalny, Vico picture is from the web.

I still have more pictures to add, but that will be part of another day’s process.

3. Illustrating the pattern on Affinity design to get a feel

PatternI really love the pattern in this photo. I could have drawn the pattern straight on the paper, but I am weak in patterns. Hence, I decided to trace the patterns on Affinity Design to help me understand this retro pattern better. It took me a few tries in merging and cut the shapes to make sure it works. I have not traced the smaller patterns but will do that another day.

Pending tasks

Currently, the tasks are all in the mess, so I am roughly listing them down here:

  1. Writing this series for the portfolio page.
  2. Writing a story for this series eg. processing events and emotions
  3. Get more photos for this series.
  4. Arrangement of multiple artworks.

Finally, I wrote it down in the blog. I will post up a Day 2 post once I have made more progress.

(Featured header photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash).